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Want to Ask Better Questions? Don't Miss This Upcoming Series

Are you Communicating with FINESSE?
Are you Communicating with FINESSE?

Communicating with FINESSE kicks off a new series of communication tips on “How to Ask a Better Question.” Here’s a prelude to what we’ll discuss.


#1 Should I Ask a Question if I Know the Answer?

It comes down to your intentions. Are you trying to impact the person you are speaking with? Are you being introspective and simply trying to confirm what you know – or think you know?


#2 Tips For How to Start Asking Better Questions

It's baseball season, so we'll do nine tips. And one extra inning for what to avoid.


#3 What Pisses People Off When You Ask Them a Question

We’ll expand on the last point of article 2 with three of the “best” ways to piss off people with your question. Hint, try to avoid pissing people off. Unless that is your intention (back to article 1)


#4 Asking Better Questions: Remember It’s a Long Game

Articles 1, 2, and 3 tie together well, but article 3 is a little negative. We'll write a fourth article to end positively and remind us that communication of strategic issues is a long game.


More or Less…Communicating with FINESSE!

We may do a fifth article since I have five fingers on my hand—well, at least if you count your thumb as a finger (some people don't). And I may just stop at four if I get tired or bored. We'll see.


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