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Training for Technical Specialists
"Communicating with FINESSEE" provides three formats of organization-specifc training.  Train as a team.  Train on issues and problems specific to you.
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Not getting the respect you deserve?

Has your career flatlined?

Effective communication is the one thing that can make your life and career more rewarding, more prosperous, and more fulfilling.

Founded by JD Solomon, CWF is a not-for-profit community of technical professionals dedicated to better communications in the face of complexity and uncertainty. 

The second edition of "Communicating Reliability, Risk & Resiliency to Decision Makers" is available on Amazon.

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Practical Advice from the Community of Practitioners

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"Communicating with FINESSE" webinar series poster.  Seven Ways to more effective communication to senior management, Eight Tips for Effective Communication with people with Visual and Hearing Disabilities. and Facilitating with FINESSE

Facilitating with FINESSE

Solomon's new book "Facilitating with FINESSE"

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Communication Insights

Key Benefits

Communicating with FINESSE provides three major benefits for technically trained professionals.

1. Saves Time

A one-stop solution for improving the most important soft skill.

2. Organizes Thousands of Tips

There are literally thousands of communication tips. We organize the into the seven categories of FINESSE.

3. Provides a Cause and Effect Relationship

FINESSE is a mental model that supports logical thought processes that result in effective communication

Facilitation Insights
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A Bit About Us

Our mission at Communicating with FINESSE is to educate and collaborate, creating a global community of technical professionals dedicated to effective communication on issues with high levels of complexity and uncertainty.

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