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Decision Makers Have No Time for a Lengthy Explanation

David Baize summed it up well. Plus, he gives us some good tips on being more concise in his guest post a few months ago.

David knows because he spent most of his career working with engineers, scientists, and the public in a senior role at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC).

Now he works with the same people with a lengthy different perspective as executive director of the state's leading association of water and environmental professions, SC Waters.

Complexity simply means consisting of many parts. Most big problems feel hard because they have many interrelated parts, but the truth is that most problems are not difficult. The challenge of technical professionals with communicating with FINESSE is related to communicating all the different parts concisely.


Communicating with FINESSE is the community of technical professionals dedicated to improving communication with high levels of complexity and uncertainty, Visit our guest blog for free insights and tips.


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