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FINESSE: Speak Up to Move Up

There is equivalent human value in texts and Chat GPT.  Are you Communicating with FINESSE?
There is equivalent human value in texts and Chat GPT.

Dianna Booher is a well-known communication expert, author, and speaker. Her approach emphasizes the importance of clear, concise, and persuasive communication and the need to tailor your communication style to your audience.

This quote is interesting when considering the current debates on hybrid workplaces and the preference of the under-40 workforce to prefer text to face-to-face encounters.

Our take is that the over-40 workforce will remain the core of business leadership for at least another decade. Understanding how to communicate effectively with other humans in person or by phone will continue to be the key to moving up.

After all, there is not much difference between text communication and Chat GPT.


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