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The Guest Insights of 2023 from Communicating with FINESSE

Eighteen guest contributors provided 20 insights on how technical professions can communicate and facilitate more effectively.
Eighteen guest contributors provided 20 insights on how technical professions can communicate and facilitate more effectively.

There are a lot of outstanding insights in the 2023 guest articles for improving communication and facilitation skills. Many gold nuggets will benefit all types of technical professionals as they seek to improve their careers.


A Different Approach for Guest Insights

In 2022, we asked some of the best communicators we knew to provide their best communication insight. In 2023, we focused on a specific monthly topic and asked two seasoned experts to give us their communication insights.


How Did the New Approach Work?

We got a lot of good feedback on the new approach. Most people liked seeing that every technical specialty has the same basic problems with communication and facilitation. And many noted that the same solutions apply to different sectors.

As expected, the impact was greatest in areas like facilities and infrastructure, where CWF has a strong following. The impact was less in areas like agriculture and land conservation where CWF has less following. However, doing some insights in those areas grows our reach and shows the commonalities across all disciplines.


Our Guest Contributors in 2023

 Guest articles ranged from presidents of companies to technically trained professionals on the front lines. The common attributes of the writers were experience and success.


Guest contributors came from various market sectors, geographies, and experiences. All had the freedom to choose an experience and a writing style that reflected their perspectives on effective communication.


The Guest Insights of 2023

 Decision Making




Reliability Programs






Infrastructure Project Funding




Land Conservation, Restoration, and Preservation




Intergenerational Communication




Physical Barriers








Language Barriers



Monte Carlo Analysis



Applying the Insights

If you want to communicate with FINESSE, read this collection of insights and make a few notes. Then, start mapping your key takeaways to the FINESSE fishbone diagram. Apply those insights through FINESSE, and you will see your communication become more effective.




Let us know if you want to share a "5-paragraph" guest article on a topic or a real-world story in 2024. Collaborating with other technically trained professionals is a core aspect of the community.


Communicating with FINESSE is a not-for-profit community of technical professionals dedicated to being highly effective communicators and facilitators. Learn more about our publications, webinars, and workshops. Join the community for free.


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