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Big Decisions Mean Communicating Effectively to the Boss's Inner Circle

Charles Latino knew something about communicating information for big decisions. After all, he was one of the pioneers of reliability engineering and worked for one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

Charles Latino did not just follow standards, he created them.

When communicating for big decisions filled with complexity and uncertainty, there is simply too much and too many layers of information for a decision-maker to process without the help of others. There is always an inner circle.

Charles Latino added something else about the confidant in the inner circle:

  • If performance is improving the confidant may be needed as a competent sounding board for the Manager.

  • If performance has been deteriorating it may be that the Manager is getting poor advice.

This is some more good advice.

For technical professionals, synergy (group effects) is more important than the individual personality of the decision-maker. You must do whatever it takes to understand the motivations of the inner circle to be an effective communicator.



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