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How the F in FINESSE Creates Effective Communication to Senior Management

The F in the FINESSE Fishbone Diagram Stands for Frame.
The F in the FINESSE fishbone diagram stands for Frame.

The F in FINESSE stands for Frame. These are three tips to help you develop the frame.

Use “The Greatest Fear”

Focusing on your greatest fear is an alternative way to frame a problem. Framing the problem is also the first step in effective communication using the FINESSE approach for problems with high levels of complexity and uncertainty.


I like to use the greatest fear approach to verify and improve the problem frame. Avoid mistaking someone's resistance to finding solutions as they do not understand the problem or simply want to get their way. If you are really listening, the resistance can be a signal to improve the frame.



Use the Spreadsheet Model You Are Building

An influence diagram is a simple schematic showing the relationships between inputs and outputs. An influence diagram is an alternative technique because you will see some eyes glaze over anytime you talk about model development and draw any logic diagram on a whiteboard. On the other hand, most issues involving high levels of complexity and uncertainty will need a model.


Decision makers and modelers need to get the frame correct.



Physical and Operational Boundaries Frame All Problems

Establishing geospatial and operational boundaries is a viable technique for problem framing and strategic communication framing. It is sometimes tricky for the general audience because systems and boundaries are not common concepts. Most technical professionals understand the concept. For me, establishing boundaries is a natural way to frame.


After all, physical systems, information systems, and communication systems all share the common denominator of being systems.



Check Out the Video

I discuss the foundations of Framing in this 3-minute video.



The F in FINESSE Creates Effective Communication

The F in the FINESSE fishbone diagram stands for Frame. Do you have an approach for communicating big issues with high complexity and uncertainty? Are you Communicating with FINESSE?


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