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Five FAQs on the Second Edition of Communicating to Decision Makers

The book cover of "Communicating Reliability, Risk & Resiliency to Decision Makers" that is now available on
The second edition of "Communicating Reliability, Risk & Resiliency to Decision Makers" is now available on

Five Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the Second Edition of Communicating to Decision Makers.

1. What is the history of this book?

  • The first edition of print and Kindle versions was released in June 2017

  • Book is a product of half-day and full-day workshops that preceded it

  • The second edition (print version) has been released on

  • JD's next print book, “Communicating with FINESSE”, will be released in early 2023

2, What are three guiding principles for technical professionals communicating complexity and uncertainty?

  • Communicating as a trusted advisor is different than communicating for marketing or political purposes.

  • The burden of effective communication is on the sender, not the receiver.

  • Have empathy for the decision maker – it is about the decision maker, not you.

3. What inspired the book?

“I have sufficient tools and approaches… what I really need is a way to get my boss’s boss to understand.”

4. What are the best things about the book?

  • Fills a gap in the knowledge base for technical professionals

  • Practical – based on proven techniques used in workshops and in by practitioners

  • Best reference material in print on this topic

5. What is new in the second edition?

  • Chapter 10 – For the Boss’s Boss

    • How to get your staff to understand

    • Five key areas to consider and tips for each

  • More case examples, especially in the first three chapters

  • Additional content in five chapters

  • Improved formatting

  • Introduction of Communicating with FINESSE


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